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London Theatre

The Red Lion

In the home changing room of a semi-professional footy team, the kit man and loyal ex-player, Yates (Peter Wight), lovingly irons shirts and sets kit out under each peg.

Enter Jimmy Kidd (Daniel Mays), the enthusiastic, posturing, wide boy manager who is buoyed by the latest string of wins but is troubled by personal debt.

Jimmy parades the stage whilst dressing to meet the press, he’s very much the wheeler-dealer, cockney geezer in a sharp suit – classic Mays.

The plot thickens as an exciting new player arrives, Calvin Demba plays Jordan and is a gifted yet principled character who flatly refuses entertain the idea of cheating to gain the odd penalty etc. Yates becomes a mentor to Jordan who is actually covering up something which will have repercussions for everyone.

If you aren’t up with the Fifa corruption news, agents, bungs, ‘tapping-up’ within the football world you may find the whole story drags along. What you will appreciate though is the cast as they circle each other in the testosterone loaded verbal exchanges.

It’s a short run at The Dorfman Theatre so catch it while you can.