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London Theatre

The Nether

What if it was possible to take on another persona and step into a parallel world to indulge in your ultimate fantasy, no matter how warped it may be?

The Nether has a place where predators do exactly that but Investigator Morris (Amanda Hale) seeks to bring down the mysterious coder-in charge, Sims, played by Stanley Townsend.

Morris morphs into a child called Iris (Isabelle Pappas) to enter Sims’ Victorian setting in the ‘hideaway’ to snare him (pseudonym – Papa).  We shifted a little uncomfortably in our seats but the menace was only perceived.

The set, designed by Es Devlin and Luke Hall is intriguing and reminiscent of a seaside hall of mirrors illuminated with projected graphics.

The Nether may be a development of the Internet but with Operation Yewtree so recently in the news, you have to wonder if it could be a suitable outlet for criminals to roam.