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Take your seats in good time for the performances, turn off your mobiles and don’t rustle toffee papers in the auditorium.

London Theatre

The Beaux’ Stratagem

“A Rip Snortingly Great Show” we tweeted to Samuel Barnett, a particular favourite with theatretripping and  he kindly replied that he was glad we enjoyed it, and indeed the cast seemed to have lot of fun.

Samuel Barnett (Aimwell) and Geoffrey Streatfeild (Archer) play two soundrels who travel the country, taking turns to be master or manservant in order to marry their way into money. In Lichfield they stay in an inn (another brilliant set by Lizzie Clachan) frequented by highwaymen and are reluctantly drawn into saving the honour of two wealthy ladies – Dorinda (Pippa Bennett-Warner) and Mrs Sullen (Susannah Fielding).

Aimwell and Archer have some great comedy lines and play them splendidly, innuendos and ‘asides’ to the audience make us feel part of the plot.

Also, and often overlooked, there is a musical element to the performance that is light-hearted and yet great folk music by a truly talented bunch of musicians led by Richard Hart.

Other notable characters are – Lady Bountiful (Jane Booker) who could so easily be an Aardman character, an  Irishman pretending to be a French Priest,  stereotypical French POW officer and Scrub the un-hurried Yorkshire servant.

It's well worth the ticket money folks!