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Haunting Julia

Haunting Julia - Alan Ayckbourn

A grieving father, Joe (Duncan Preston), searches for answers to his musical genius daughter's suicide.

He sets up a music school in Julia's memory and a few of the rooms have been turned into an exhibition of "the little Mozart'. 
One of the spaces is Julia's attic bedroom where she spent any hours on her own composing her masterpieces.

Joe invites Julia's ex-boyfriend Andy (Joe McFadden) to listen to the strange noises in the background of the exhibition audio-guide. We also meet
a strange character, Ken Chase (Richard O'Callaghan), a psychic who wrote to Joe offering his services.

After a long while, a few lights flicker on and off and crying and weeping can heard but it's not exactly 'edge of your seat' stuff.

Andy appears to recognise the psychic, where has he seen him before?

Will Joe gets the answers he seeks?

Will we all stay awake to the end?