Theatre Tripping

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Take your seats in good time for the performances, turn off your mobiles and don’t rustle toffee papers in the auditorium.



As with any tour that accompanies a new album, the audience will be unfamiliar with a chunk of the material and this was the case for the first 30 minutes or so.

Lau's back catalogue offers some brilliant music and there is nothing quite like seeing these gifted musicians performing live. The band's interaction, understanding and sheer enthusiasm for their craft brought the music to life and into our heads.

Aidan O'Rourke's virtuoso fiddle playing was sensational and quite how Martin Green stayed on his stool whilst wielding his accordian is a mystery. Kris Drever on guitar and vocals topped this band to produce an evening of their unique music.

Lau don't rest on their laurels, they experimented with sounds and arrangements collaborating with other artists such as Karine Polwart (recent EPS) and Adem, to me though, electronic additions seem superficial.

My favourite track of the evening was 'Midnight Feast' by the late Lal Waterson, Lau gave this a brilliant cheery arrangement.

The King's Place is a great venue but seemed a tad sterile after seeing the band at The Borderline and The Union Chapel.

Get a ticket to see Lau and you won't be disappointed.