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John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension at The London Jazz Festival

Even his appearance on stage before playing a note caused a standing ovation from one section of the audience. He announced that this had been an important year for him has he had entered his seventieth year. As anybody who has listened to his new album “Now Here This” will know his musical creativity and finger dexterity on the guitar as not diminished in the slightest with age.

The set included a mixture of old and new tracks from his considerable back catalogue; opening with the powerful “Trancefusion” from the new album and then followed by “Little Miss Valley” from the 90s Free Spirits set. Tracks from the recent albums “Floating Point” and “Industrial Zen” were also featured. The set was obviously dominated by some brilliant guitar solos from McLaughlin but each member of this talented international band was allowed their time in the spotlight culminating in an exciting drum duet between Ranjot Barot and Gary Husband. Etienne M’Bappa completed the line up on bass guitar.

My own personal favourite track of the evening was the ballad, “The Light at the Edge of the World“  which was played while a broken pedal was being hastily repaired on the on the drum kit. 

The multitalented Gary Husband provided excellent keyboard accompaniment and duelling throughout occasionally swopping over to the drum kit on some tracks.

The concert finished with John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” as a fitting encore.