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Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree is written and acted (in this performance) by Tim Crouch, accompanied by Aoife Duffin, who has seen neither the play nor the script before.

Crouch takes the part of a hypnotist who (we are told) has previously been in a road accident, which resulted in a young girl being killed. Aoife Duffin takes the part of the victim's father who is plucked from the audience to be part of the magic show, we thought this part would be more believable with male actor.

Crouch, as well as acting, stage directs the proceedings and feeds dialogue and scripts on-clip boards to Aofie. These numerous interjections seem to interrupt the performance's flow.

The story is about loss and absolution and its unusual construction has been entertaining audiences for more than 10 years.