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Take your seats in good time for the performances, turn off your mobiles and don’t rustle toffee papers in the auditorium.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Swallow

The play opens with all three actors on the stage, Rebecca (Anita Vittesse) is using alcohol to numb the pain of an abusive relationship, Sam was born female but is trying a change in gender and Anna (Emily Wachter) is so angry at the outside world she has become a recluse.

Rebecca lives below Anna and pleads for sanctuary when her ex comes looking for her. Anna, who hasn’t spoken to anyone for some time, refuses to open her door but Rebecca perseveres.

Sam (Sharon Duncan-Brewster) chats up Rebecca but doesn’t reveal his true gender until their friendship progresses and he encounters prejudice on the street.

The stage is always charged with raw emotions of anger, despair and betrayal.

We thought both the story and acting were excellent.