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Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Stephen K Amos Chat Show

We’ve always found chat show at The Fringe a great way of getting a glimpse of acts that we may not have seen before. Also of course, Stephen K Amos is always good for a laugh but as we have seen his own show many times we choose this format for a change.

The first guest and co-host was Rhys Nicholson, an openly gay Australian who was very funny but we imagine would be a little OTT in a solo show.

Paul Foot just seemed to ramble on vaguely when asked about his shows and we wouldn’t rush to get a ticket for one.

Hardeep Singh Kohli on the other hand, teased Rhys Nicholson mercilessly and encouraged punters to go to any younger comedians’ show instead of his own.

Aunty Donna are an Australian trio who have a sketch show at the Fringe – after only ten minutes of seeing them perform we decided to buy tickets asap. Review coming up on this website separately.

The final guest was a stand up comic called Grace, aged 12, who had done four shows at The Fringe and was off back to London after talking to Amos. Grace did a few minutes of jokes which she read off cue cards, the applause was polite, enough said.