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Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Alan Davies

There seems to be a trend these days for comedians to produce “Work in Progress” shows where new material can be tried out to gauge the audience reaction and see what material is worthy of selection for use in future tours. With this style of show some things work and same things die, if you bear this in mind you won’t be disappointed.

As with his recent tours, experiences with his children provide a lot of the best material.  From his daughter being sick in his face to the perils of junior racket ball, the audience lapped it up especially those parents who had experienced similar. His relationship with his father and his dementia also provided another topic for frustration and humour.  He even got the audience to vote, with cheers and claps, on which material should be used in future shows and which should be buried and forgotten. Occasionally we thought he relied too much on expletives and crudity to get a laugh which we haven't  seen before in his performances. He’s a very funny man and better than that.

If you are a hard core fan then pop along and see this progression. If you are only likely to see Alan Davies once, wait for the material to be distilled and the main tour to start.