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Take your seats in good time for the performances, turn off your mobiles and don’t rustle toffee papers in the auditorium.


Alan Davies - Life is Pain

Our more seasoned Fringe goer has seen the comedian live a few times in the early years and we have both seem him on stage in 'Auntie and Me' and 'Odd Couple' with Bill Bailey.

It's surely a measure of Davies's experience that no support/warm-up was needed and we got the man himself for two hours.

The trail of latecomers (due to parking problems on bonfire Saturday) provided plenty of fodder for the mischievous clown. "Why are you late?" he demanded "firework traffic" was the favourite reply although "we were having a Chinese" got the biggest laugh.

We heard about Davies's kids, his childhood outings, vasectomies, and the mystery of a woman's erogenous zones.

A brilliant gig, so if you there are tickets left for the tour grab them but unless you enjoy being lampooned - take your seat on time.